Thursday, May 15, 2008

A few more spring pics

We are experimenting with a vertical grow of some of our ever-bearing strawberries. Growing in this manner allows us to put about a 1000ft field row in a space small enough to fit in a hoop house. Most exciting to me is this COMPLETELY eliminates weeds which tends to be my job!!! Growing in the greenhouse under poly in the spring and fall is also supposed to extend their growing season. They really took off, especially compared to our berries in the field and are looking VERY healthy so far.

Kody relaxing while I hoe rows of peas.... We weren't sure how our first planting of peas would fare after the two frosty nights we had a couple weeks ago, but they seem to be recovering well.

Russ turning over soil Thursday before planting a few rows of transplants.

Check out our "organic mousetrap" that joined us in the greenhouse for a few days!!! Here he's in one of our potted blueberry plants - another one of our projects at the farm.

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Looks Great!!! Thanks for the blog:)