Sunday, August 3, 2008

Week 9 News

A few summer favorites are on the horizon and will likely be found in your baskets this week if enough is ready to go! Our first two rows of sweet corn snuck up on us. Last night we tried a few ears of along with a chicken, bok choy, and carrot stir fry. The kernels were a little small. Our first variety is peaches and cream and it's always the best early on in that we don't have to worry as much about corn bores :)

Peaches should be in your basket also this week. They may need a couple days to soften up a bit on your counter. The first few Russ brought home were a little small but very sweet even when still quite firm.

We brought home some of our first tomatoes that were just beginning to turn orange so they are probably a week away at the most.

We will probably load you up with cucumber and summer squash now and then when we have a lot as we as our plants are being taken down quickly by cucumber beetles. Though Russ keeps planting more. The little menaces spread disease and eat leaves causing bacterial wilt that quickly kills the plant. There aren't any organic cures we have found to be real effective and pests seem to be extra plentiful this season... FYI: A conventional farm would first treat the soil to kill grubs before planting and would spray a contact killer through the field on mature plants to take down the beetle and any other living thing... If ever curious about a pesticide, even an ingredient in bug spray or a lawn care product, you can easily research it at You can do a product search and learn about it's toxicity, etc. On a conventional farm the soil treatment used in the field would likely be Lorsban and one common conventional pesticide used to kill the beetle in Michigan is Sevin 80S.
Anytime we're having an issue with one our crops this summer I try to figure out what conventional farms do verses organic...

What's in the Box:
Peaches - likely
Basil and dill
Mesclun or Tatsoi
Sweet Corn
Lettuce, Baby Bok Choy, or Swiss Chard
Summer Squash and Zucchini
Russian Banana Fingerling Potatoes - Soooo good! Tasty heirloom variety
Beans - Green, wax, burgundy, or Romas
Carrots, arugula, tomatoes???
Kohlrabi - esp. if you didn't get any last week

Coming Soon:
Green and more hot peppers
Lots more peaches

Recipe Ideas Added this Week:
Blueberry Liqueur and Slovak Cucumbers (great way to use extra cukes and pickles)

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