Sunday, July 20, 2008

Week 7 News

Baskets are growing! We have fennel this week- The whole plant is edible but most often it is cut an inch above the bulb and is cooked to soften and mellow the flavor. The stalks can be used like celery in soups and stews. It is best used two to three days after harvest. Fennel is new to us and this winter we tried some from Meijer knowing we would be growing it this season. We tried it marinated and broiled, similar to the recipe I posted. It was pretty good but we are excited to try it fresh this week as most fennel at the store is shipped from California. One large bulb makes two to three servings. If you test a good fennel recipe you want to share send it along as we hope to have more early this fall. Much of our second planting of fennel didn't make it through the hard rains early in June but we have a third planting going.

Cookbook/Fresh produce guide - $16
Put together by a coalition of CSA's in Madison, Wisconsin.
I use this one weekly! VERY helpful with storing produce and simple recipe ideas. Also a childrens recipe section, preservation chapter, and information about CSA farming.
All veggies listed in ABC order with information on more than 50 vegetables and herbs. I have quite a collection going of similar books and this is by far the best!
Whats in the box?
Mixed Greens
Blueberries - either Spartans or Brigittas this week (both are big sweet berries)
Beans - Italian beans (flat), burgundy beans, and/or regular green beans
Zucchini, yellow squash - if you can't use it up in a few days chop, dice, or grate, and put in the freezer to use later in soup, stir fry, or zucchini bread, etc.
Cucumber - likely (the yellowish/white cukes are supposed to be that color! Heirloom variety)
Snow peas - see potato salad recipe posted passed on from a member for a unique idea.
Arugula or Mesclun mix- mesclun is a spicy salad blend that is also good tossed into stir fry
Potatoes - possibly Adirondack blues but they are more likely next week
Coming soon:
basil and parsley
peaches - next week?
Adirondack Blue Potatoes
Tomatoes - two weeks we think
Add On Extra Fruit:
Raspberries: 4.00/pint
Blueberries: 3.00/pint or 6.00/quart
*A few new recipe ideas have been added!!!

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