Sunday, August 31, 2008

Week 13 News

Our heirlooms from left to right:
Brandywine (pinkish red color), Green Zebra (will be YELLOW and green when ripe and ready to eat), Golden Sunray (low-acid), Cherokee Purple (greenish/brown top that is ripe when bottom is deep in color.

Hope you all are enjoying the long weekend! Tomatoes are sure keeping us busy right now. Be ready for a boatload this week:) It has been a slow start but they are here in full force and should take us towards the end of deliveries. Our last CSA day is October 9th.

Apples and pears are on the way. Some of our trees were knocked out this year including our one very early variety, Transparent apples :( We also only have a few apples on our Red Delicious trees which are usually loaded. Not to worry as we still have plenty of varieties doing well. You will notice more scab this year on our apples as organic fungicide does not effectively control scab. It won't effect the taste! We are also considering adding some locally grown Honey Crisps like we did last year from Versluis Orchards. Nate said his first ones will be ready next weekend. Let me know what you think!

Farm Tour: Things got so busy after the last tour we decided a second in the fall would be best. Will set a date soon!

Asparagus to Zucchini Cookbooks/produce guide still available for $16 - Very helpful!

What's in the Box:

TOMATOES!!! Mix of heirlooms and hybrids
Cherry tomatoes or roma tomatoes - Romas are pear shaped and have less liquid which makes them great for sauce or salsa.
Sweet Corn - Peaches and Cream
Blueberries - Should still have Brigittas for you all (won't have this variety at the markets)
Pears - a couple..
Beets and/or Carrots
Onions - likely
Green Pepper
Eggplant - likely (esp. if you didn't receive any last week) Great crop this year! Store in crisper drawer if not planning to use within a day or so.
Baby Arugula - (Chard or Kale to those of you requesting more cooking greens vs. arugula)
Tatsoi or Mesclun Mix - (mesclun mix includes reg. lettuce)
Basil or Cilantro - Basil hasn't been looking the best but we'll have a fresh row ready soon
Hot peppers or sweet banana peppers
Cucumber or zucchini?

Coming Soon:
Lettuce - looks like next week:)
Red peppers
New varieties of potatoes
Radishes - two heirloom varieties

New recipes ideas posted this week:
Chocolate beet cupcakes
Rich and Creamy Tomato basil soup
Slow-cooker stuffed green peppers
Eggplant Lasagna

Field Notes from Russ:

It has been a while, but I finally blocked out some time to add to a post. This year we have had a little of everything from mother nature, but right now we could really use some rain. The hot dry weather over the last 4 weeks has hampered lettuce production, don't worry though, we planted about 500ft last week, so if it starts to cool down we should be back on track in a few weeks. I am going to go tour a few lettuce farms to see their methods for next summer.

I was glad to hear that it wasn't just us who had an issue with squash in our area this year. Seems that everyone in a few mile area from the farm had cucumber beetles and bacterial wilt, in the past it hasn't been this bad, but I can't remember a spring this wet. I think I have figured out planting times and transplants for next year to combat the problem.

Oh, and wild Alaskan blueberries never tasted so good when you have been stubbling around the mountains for 16 hours with a 45lb pack and only having jerky and mountain house meals to eat.

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