Sunday, August 24, 2008

Week 12 News

Russ is home and things are returning to normal around here. Russ road his bike back from the farm with some corn Friday night. He sure missed all of our fruits and veggies while he was away eating backpacker type just-add-water meals for 11 days along with fresh meat some nights. No fresh produce at all except wild blueberries they found near camp:)

Lots of sweet corn and tomatoes this week! We have silver queen and more peaches and cream ready (our third planting has caught up with the second). These rows are even better than our first planting. If you are interested in freezing some and would like extra let me know. It's definately one of my favorites to freeze because it is quite simple and tastes so good in the winter - nothing like any frozen corn you buy from the store. Just blanch ears two minutes in boiling water and cut off the husk like you would for someone with braces.

We are picking more and more tomatoes each day and are starting to have some heirlooms including cherokee purple and brandywine. Some have a few cracks but taste just fine.

This week's Forecast:

Sweet Corn
Tomatoes - you may find a cherokee purple heirloom (purple with greenish top) or a brandywine (pinkish red color)
Cherry Tomatoes - with some orange grape heirlooms
Arugula - new variety
Mesclun, tatsoi, or Savoy
Large bunch of beets
Pears? One of our early pear trees looks to be ready
Cilantro and or Basil
Eggplant - Likely
Pickles and or cukes
Zucchini and yellow squash?
Swiss Chard or Kale?
Green Pepper
Onions - sweet or bunching likely
Hot peppers or banana peppers - if you don't have jalepenos with your peppers you have sweet banana peppers. You can freeze hot peppers whole to use in spicy cooked dishes later if you have had enough of them...
Strawberries? - the first berries I picked were huge but now it seems we are having to really sort many tiny and strange-shaped ones... Will try to get them to our Monday and Thursday group soon (Tuesday got berries last week) Short shelf life!

New! Asian Green Yukina Savoy this week or next: Shape of Tatsoi with more of a milder spinach taste and texture. Not a shiny green color like tatsoi but same spoon shape.

Cayenne peppers available in quantity for drying if interested. Just dehydrate whole and crumble peppers when needed in recipes that need a little kick. You can also cut tops off and grind in food processor though you will need to evacuate your kitchen for a little while:)

Coming Soon:
Acorn Squash
Half Bushels of peaches still available this week for $15 - I have had enough room the last couple weeks to deliver some with regular deliveries. You will need to use them up fairly quickly or get some in the refridgerator to keep longer.

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