Saturday, September 20, 2008

Week 16 News

Well the majority of our apples are finally coming in. Last week I picked a few early golden delicious and Ida reds, so we should be harvesting all of the goldens this week.

Greens are also coming in slowly, but they are coming. Yesterday I was tilling between the rows and I would have to say that the arugula will be in next week with tatsoi and savoy coming quickly.

As for spinach and lettuce, it may be a while:( The rain did in the first summer spinach planting and leveled the lettuce. The lettuce will recover and the second planting of spinach is coming.

Produce forecast for the week:

Apples - mix of golden delicious, granny smith, and ida reds
Green beans - Yep, they re-blossomed again and look excellent!
kale and/or swiss chard
Onions and/or scallions
Eggplant - likely
Peppers - red pepper likely
basil or dill - whichever you didn't get last week
cherry tomatoes
sun jewel melon - likely this week, a small specialty melon that tastes like honey dew mixed with cantaloupe

Coming next week:

Watermelon, either a yellow flesh or a traditional red.

Squash: This has been an especially hard year for our squash, but it looks as though we'll have enough for at least one delivery

Lima beans - enough to add to a veggie soup. We were experimenting with growing these this year:)

Mutsu apples and also apples available in quantity by next week

Recipe Ideas added to our website this week:

Mashed potatoes with olive oil and kale - great way to enjoy your greens!

Gingerly Carrot Soup - also uses fresh dill and potatoes

Lemon Carrots and Rutabaga - Check this one out! I know it sounds strange....

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