Sunday, September 28, 2008

Week 17 News

Expect FULL boxes these last two weeks. Many items will store very well including the winter squash, beets (remove greens), potatoes, and apples. Others can be frozen very easily if you get more than you can use this week. Any potatoes this week or next will only be brushed off so they will store longer.

A few freezing tips:
~Scallions: just chop, pat dry, and freeze. Will last 3-4 weeks to add into potato soup, etc...
~Lima beans - use within 3 days once shelled or freeze by blanching for 2-3 minutes max, cool in cold water, and freeze.
~Greens: steam in a steamer basket just until wilted and freeze once cooled. Use in lasagna, soups, etc..
~Sweet Peppers: chop and freeze or roast about 6-7 minutes on each side under broiler, let cool, then freeze (you can take skins off or wait until thawed and they will come off easier).

Farmer's Market - We are taking a break from markets right now...

Produce Forecast
Watermelon ~ orange or red
Bosc pears
Concord Grapes - refrigerate right away! To eat, peel back the outer skin and remember they have a seed (that's the best I can do:)
Lettuce or arugula
1-2 Cooking greens (including kale)
Peppers - red, green, and hot
green beans - likely
Lima beans - enough to add into soup
sweet or green onions
Cherry tomatoes?
Winter squash - Musque De Provence, heirloom known for excellent storage ability and flavor
or acorn squash
Potatoes or rutabaga?
Raspberries? They seem to have bounced back from the rains

~If you prefer fennel over squash let me know as we have some available...

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