Sunday, April 19, 2009

We're back!!!

What gorgeous April weather for planting in the garden all week! A little warm for April... A few days of near 70 degree temps really starts to push perennial fruits along. Now we just hope hard frosts are out of the way. Last season we lost some of our apple varieties and had damage done to our raspberry bushes from late spring freezing temps.

Many of our onions, leeks, and potatoes are now planted, along with a good amount of carrots, beets, sugar peas, and LOTS of greens. Bok choy, swiss chard, spinach, tatsoi, mustard greens, arugula, and plenty of lettuce.

This coming week we'll also be planting a number of new trees in the orchard. More plums, Bartlet pears, new apple varieties, and a few Asian pear trees.

Russ tilling and seeding beets

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organicsyes said...

Whoo hoo! Looking forward to hearing more:) Glad to see this wonderful blog...and your website looks terrific:)